Who Wants To Be The First Avazoo Billionaire?

What would you do if/when you become a billionaire? 
Visit as many countries as you possibly could. Become a vigilante superhero like batman. 
Volunteer and help others in need of something else... Well, here's your chance. 

Avazoo is Home of The Billion Dollar Raffle. Avazoo has created the world's first greatest fundraiser for charitable causes, where One lucky ticket holder will Win $1 Billion Dollars (US $1,000,000,000)

And, 100 Lucky Ticket Holders will receive 1 Million Dollars (US $1,000,000) each, as a Second prize! But there is more...

This is how to participate and Benefit from the Avazoo Billion Dollar raffle Opportunity today: Please review all the Options below keenly then decide for the one that best fits your needs.

1. Buy your Raffle Ticket right away by CLICKING HERE, (but hurry, limited number of tickets available). OR

2. Click here If you are a business and will like to participate in the Avazoo Associate Program to Boost  Your sales and increase your revenue potentially by MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, OR

3. Click here if you are a business looking for an edge over your competition and want to stand out and receive undying loyalty from your customers and increase Customer Retention, OR

4. If you are a Church, Nonprofit or Charity Organization, Avazoo offers you a unique opportunity to substantially
increase funding of up to $30,000, regardless of the size of your Organization. Click here now to get the details.

Do Not Miss Out on A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Participate In The First Ever Billion Dollar Raffle, Where Your Raffle Ticket Is A Personalized NFT

Time Sensitive Offer!


You have a 1 in 3 Chance of Winning a Cash Prize ranging from $10 to $1,000,000,000 USD

You can get a Free ticket for the $Billion Raffle by simply registering, and referring 20 other people who would just love the chance to win a Billion. Also by downloading the Avazoo app to your phone and sharing a post (done by the click of a button, to your favorite social media channel), makes you an Avazoo Ambassador

If you continue to share the love and serve Avazoo and your connections by spreading the word as you just did, you can progress to VIP Ambassador and Executive VIP Ambassador each gaining you additional benefits. 

 It gets even better because every time you share your link you earn an additional Free Entry on your ticket.

Why Do you Want Additional FREE Entries?

Well in addition to receiving the joy of sharing this with others each Free entry increases your Probability of winning a bigger prize. 

This is how it works… The drawing will take place over 6 Days and on Day 1 you go in the draw for $10 and if you win that’s your single-entry ticket used and you won $10, congratulations!

However, if you have multiple entries, you also go into the following days' raffles each day offering bigger prizes and you will always receive the biggest prize you win all the way up to the $1 billion.

If direct Sales is not for you, Upgrade Your Ticket

You also have the option to upgrade to a paid ticket at the $50 or $100 level which entitles you to more Free entries and additional drawings for bonus prizes that do not affect your eligibility. Sweet!

Maybe you can WIN a luxury Car or a Dream Cruise and still go on to win millions of dollars.

There is also a syndicate level for $1,500 where up to 25 friends can get together and for as little as $60 each get massive benefits and lots of free entries, and a corporate entry for $2,500 allowing up to 250 participants

These entries also come with an additional D-Day draw for $5 Billion. WOW!

Want even more reasons to get involved NOW?

If someone you referred wins a top prize, you also win as much as $1,000,000. No limit on the number of winners you can have in your referrals, so maximize your chances by referring 20, then 20 more, and then 20 more, and just keep ongoing. 

Free entry increases your Probability of winning a bigger prize.

Paid tickets are available now and projected to be drawn 20th June 2022. Purchase a ticket now as 50 Million Tickets sold may sound like a lot of tickets but they are already going fast and could easily sell out long before the days of the drawings.


             & Ticket Sales are ending Soon!

1. Click here to buy your Ticket, or

2. Click hereif you are a business and wish to Partner with Avazoo, or

3. Click here if you are a business seeking to increase your Brand Loyalty and Customer Retention, or

4. Click here if you are a Church or a Nonprofit / Charity Organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Is This A Lottery and is It Legal?

Yes,  The Avazoo Billion Dollar Raffle is operated by NCGAC Limited within its interactive gaming license with the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) of the Philippines.

Click Here to learn more about Avazoo's License. 

What Are My Odds Of Winning?

Over 16 million $10 prizes will be pulled on day one to ensure that we’ve fulfilled our 1-in-3 odds guarantee. Once these prizes have all been assigned to winning ticket numbers, the holders of these winning numbers will all be notified that they have won a cash prize.

Click Here to learn more about Odds of Winning. 

How Old Do I Have To Be Buy A Raffle Ticket?

You must be 18 years or older at the time of purchasing your ticket to take part in the raffle. Should your ticket number be drawn you will be required to prove you were at least 18 years old on the day of purchase.

Click Here to learn more about our Raffle Rules.